“He barks at strangers.” “She hates men.” “Watch out, this dog might bite!” If you find yourself saying these things, help is on the way! What do you do when a reactive dog approaches? How about when the reactive dog is in your arms or on your leash? After this session, you will know how to use relaxed movement and calmly confident body language to help people and dogs be their most comfortable selves in common situations. Would you like to have quieter kennels? The principles discussed in this session, coupled with smart canine-intuitive routines, can help achieve that goal too.

Continuing Education

This program has been submitted for continuing education credit for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians pending RACE approval.


  • Lynne Swanson | DVM, Shelter Behaviorist, Safe Harbor Farm K9’s SMILE! Project

Saturday, May 9 | 12 to 1pm Behavior Standard

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