In this session, we will discuss a new housing model for dogs that is currently being tested at Animal Humane Society. The concept of this space is to better enable dog-to-human and dog-to-dog interaction, providing a more enriching stay in the shelter and minimizing behavioral degradation. Our prototype was built in 2018, so for two years we have made observations and collected data on how this unique environment impacts dogs, staff and the customer experience. We will discuss what we have learned and how those insights can be applied to any shelter.

Continuing Education

This program has been submitted for continuing education credit for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians pending RACE approval.


  • Graham Brayshaw | DVM, Director of Animal Services, Animal Humane Society
  • Liv Hagen | Manager of Shelter Behavior Services, Animal Humane Society

Friday, May 8 | 3:15 to 4:15pm Shelter Operations Advanced

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