Muttville once agonized over how to provide for dogs who were still enjoying a good quality of life but who had terminal or untreatable illnesses. That’s why we created our hospice program in 2013. Since the program’s inception, we have faced challenges, reaped rewards and developed best practices. We’re eager to help others replicate this program so no more vibrant animals have to spend their last days in a shelter. This session will provide an overview of our hospice program, examine veterinary protocols for determining which dogs to include in the program, explain what we cover at clinics once these dogs go to their hospice home, and how we communicate with clinics and adopters. We will also discuss when and how we decide on euthanasia.

Continuing Education

This program has been submitted for continuing education credit for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians pending RACE approval.


Saturday, May 9 | 8:30 to 10am Shelter Medicine Standard

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