You want to provide the best possible humane care at your shelter, but you’re not located in a tech mecca and funds are tight. There is a way! In this session, we will discuss No Kill South Carolina’s shelter assessment program and present photos and videos that show shelter standards not being met even though managers are often unaware of the problems. In every assessment No Kill South Carolina has conducted, humane care could be significantly improved by addressing space allocation and animal flow and by developing, implementing and enforcing standard operating procedures. Fortunately, these types of improvements can be achieved for a minimal cost.


  • Abigail Appleton | CAWA, PMP, Director, No Kill South Carolina, Charleston Animal Society
  • Becca Boronat | BVM, ECFVG Candidate, Project Manager, No Kill South Carolina, Charleston Animal Society

Friday, May 8 | 1:15 to 2:45pm Shelter Operations Advanced

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