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Animal Care Expo 2015 special session: The Human Animal

What could we achieve if we put the "human" back in "humane"?

The Human Animal - Expo Special Session

"I'm in animal welfare because I like animals more than people." Sounds familiar, right? Though we embrace compassion, we can also judge harshly. Do people see us as the kindhearted professionals we know ourselves to be? What could we achieve if we put the "human" back in humane?

Watch this video of the liberating session from 2015's Animal Care Expo to explore the other side of our interactions with the public and discover philosophies and tactics that bridge the gap between caring for both people and animals. 

Presenters: Carmine DiCenso, Executive Director, Providence Animal Rescue League; Stephanie Shain, Chief Operating Officer, Washington Humane Society; Todd Stosuy, Field Services Manager, Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter; Jason Schipkowski, Mentorship and Training Coordinator, The Humane Society of the United States

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