Job Description

• Record messages as they come in through the YGRR Hotline and respond within 24 hours if possible—48
hours at the latest. Prioritize messages in order of importance
• Fill out the Intake Evaluation form for each dog as discussion is held with the owner
• Establish whether or not that dog can be surrendered to YGRR based on program policies and guidelines
• Explain decision to owner and answer any questions
• If the dog is approved, schedule the time and place where that dog will be surrendered or call transport
volunteer if necessary
• Balance intakes with adoptions. If kennel is full adoptions must take priority to make room for dogs to come
into the program. Work closely with Kennel Manager to keep her informed of numbers of dogs scheduled to
come in and any specific behavioral or medical issues
• Record all information accurately and clearly
• Fax the Intake Evaluation to the appropriate veterinary hospital. Keep abreast of hospital availability over
• Mail out all YGRR Owner Release, Information From Owner, and Veterinary information to person
surrendering dog. Ensure that owner release is signed by legal owner of dog
• If dog is coming from a shelter, fax the shelter release form to appropriate representative at that shelter
• File the Intake Evaluation in the appropriate folder as indicated by the Kennel Manager
Evaluating and Placing YGRR Goldens
• Discuss dogs with Kennel Manager and staff on an ongoing basis
• Get feedback from volunteer dog walkers to gain insight into temperament of Rescue Goldens
• Temperament test dogs
• Select potential adopters based on assessments
• Read through the adoption applications and determine which home(s) will be best for each dog
• Schedule appointments and perform adoptions weekdays and scheduled Saturdays. Utilize other trained staff
when appropriate
Adoption Applications
• Read through all adoption applications and determine if homes are suitable for a Yankee Golden
• Work closely with Adoption Relations Director and home visitor to clarify any questions on an application
• Call all approved adopters on a periodic basis
• Report the adopters whose status has changed to the Adoption Relations Director
• Communicate directly with those adopters who have questions related to the YGRR process
Behavioral/Medical Consultations
• Consult with owners who call hotline asking for advice on a behavioral or medical issue. Make training or
medical referrals as necessary
• Consult with Kennel Manager when necessary on complicated behavioral or medical issues
• Support YGRR Adopters by following up after their adoption to see how things are going.
• Continue with callbacks on periodic basis
• Answer behavioral questions left on the hotline by YGRR adopters
• Invite adopters to Riverview for individual lessons with their dogs if necessary
• Make sure all YGRR records are kept orderly and legible
• Make sure dog files (physical and electronic) are kept up to date and in good working order
• Ensure desk is kept in orderly fashion so that others can perform hotline and adoption duties when coordinator
is not in the office
• Keep Home Simulation and Adoption (MTM) rooms tidy between and after adoption appointments
• Work and meet with Executive Director and Kennel Manager to ensure that all functions run smoothly
• Work with Adopter Relations Director to plan and carry out Home Visit Training Sessions.
• Assist with Training Classes for Adopted Dogs at Riverview
Care of Dogs in Residence
• Assist with cleaning and maintenance of kennel, play yards, and grounds
• Feed and medicate dogs
• Assist with grooming of dogs in residence
• Transport dogs to and from vet appointments as assigned
• Pick up dogs from shelters or owners as necessary
• Pick up dogs from airport as necessary
Staff and volunteers
• Train and supervise volunteers on premises
• Supervise kennel in Kennel Manager's absence
Special Events and Outreach
• Represent YGRR in public at various pet events throughout the area
• Educate local animal shelters, animal control officers, and pet-related businesses of the work YGRR does
• Speak about our program to groups and clubs, either at Riverview or at other venues
• Help with setup and running of special fundraising events
• Willingly work on any other tasks that are asked of Coordinator

This is a full time job

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Allyson MacKenna
Executive Director

Closing Date: Friday, December 6, 2019

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