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Applicant will be responsible for the care of approximately 7-10 dogs with various behavior issues (e.g. aggression - dog-dog - dog-human, separation anxiety, and resource guarding). This care includes, cleaning the facility, feeding in AM and PM (depending on shift), dog walking (~ 4 mi) daily, transporting to vet, socializing in public, and playgroup supervision. Applicant must be willing and able to work with clients, shelter staff, and others in the community. Applicant will work closely with a Certified Applied Behaviorist, create and manage behavior modification programs, and maintain statistics for funding. Applicant must be client oriented, versed in shelter/kennel programs such as Petstablished and Dogbizpro. Applicant must be versed in dog training, know learning theory, and willing to continue professional development.

This is a part time job

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Regina Willen
Executive Director

Closing Date: Monday, August 31, 2020

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