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Denver Animal Protection is seeking an Animal Protection Officer II to perform full performance work enforcing local and regional laws concerning the care and treatment of animals, investigate complaints of non-compliance with animal ordinances and laws, act as a court liaison on violations pertaining to the issuance of legal summonses, and provide education to the public regarding animal care, safety, and welfare.


• Responds to complaints about inappropriate animal behavior, enforces rabies vaccination and licensing requirements and dog leash laws, and collects, impounds, and cares for animals. Issues legal summonses to leash law violators, owners of unvaccinated and unlicensed dogs, and other violations.
• Acts as a court liaison and works with the City Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office concerning cases of animal cruelty, neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment.
• Testifies in court on violations related to the issuance of legal summonses to leash law violations, cruelty cases, bite cases, and other legal violations.
• Performs inspections of establishments and ensures compliance with municipal ordinances, laws, regulations and contracts.
• Provides education and outreach to community groups, schools, and the public regarding responsible pet ownership, proper pet care, safe human-animal interactions, and answers questions and explains rules, policies, and regulations pertaining to public health and animal control ordinances.
• Respond to calls concerning injured animals, identifies sick or diseased animals, and takes precautions to prevent the spread of disease to other animals or humans.
• Investigates reported dog bite incidents and quarantines animals when necessary.
• Returns animals to owners when the owner can be identified using city issued tags, micro-chips, or information from neighbors before an animal is taken to the shelter.
• Administers vaccinations to animals and performs humane euthanasia
• Maintains accurate and complete daily log of all related activities such as calls received for each shift, impoundment, and the disposition of animals, and prepares reports.
• Operates vehicle and two-way radio in the performance of duties.
• Cleans and makes minor repairs to facilities and equipment as assigned.
• Performs lead work over an Animal Protection Officer I, including resolving problems and determining solutions, assisting with the training and development of staff, providing performance feedback, and documenting situations which may be cause for disciplinary action.

Ideal candidate:

• A Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science, Criminal Justice, Public Health, Environmental Health, or related field.
• Superior customer service skills
• Experience responding to complaints about inappropriate animal behavior
• Experience enforcing rabies vaccination and licensing requirements and dog leash laws.
• The ability to be comfortable collecting, impounding and caring for animals.
• Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers Certification (CAACO)
• Bite Stick Certificate
• OC Spray Certificate
• Euthanasia by Injection Certification

NOTE: If you do not possess a current certification, you must procure your CAACO certification in 12 months and Bite Stick, OC Spray, and Euthanasia Certificates in 6 months.

Minimum qualifications:

• Education: Graduation from high school or the possession of a GED, HiSET or TASC Certificate.
• Experience: (1) year of experience at the type and level of an Animal Control Investigator I.
• Additional appropriate education may be substituted for the minimum experience requirements

This is a full time job

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Closing Date: Monday, February 3, 2020

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