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Animal Control Officer

The Humane Educational Society

Job Description

Animal Protection Services Officer

Summary: Positions in this class enforce animal control ordinances, related laws and/or regulations through patrolling areas of Hamilton County and respond to complaints of animal control problems including stray, noisy or dangerous animals.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Class: Employees in this position require knowledge of animal control ordinances, the ability to investigate complaints, to write clear concise and objective reports for supervisory review for citations and evidence in court cases. General guidelines exist such as, Animal Control Ordinances, standard operating procedures and policies. Judgment is used in negotiating with the public in hostile situations regarding the handling and treatment of animals.

Essential Functions:

  • Captures, lifts, carries and detains stray and/or vicious animals.
  • Collects evidence, writes clear and objective reports, participates in court case preparation and testifies in court.
  • Answers questions, explains rules and regulations and negotiates with the public in hostile situations.
  • Issues citations to offenders, picks up and transports dead and injured animals.
  • Operates a 2-way radio, responds and dispatches officers to assist field officers.
  • Responds to request from other agencies for emergency assistance.
  • Patrols areas to observe ordinance violations, investigates departmental complaints through field audits, communicate with possible victims and/or offenders.
  • Maintains assigned equipment and sells pet licenses.
  • Performs other when needed: rinses, scrubs and disinfects animal cages, hallways, floors, walls and isolation/quarantine areas; cleans water and food dishes and related kennel equipment and facilities. Receives and inspects animals delivered to the shelter; administers vaccines to animals when necessary and records the necessary information. Identifies sick and diseased animals; and assists in euthanizing animals.
  • Performs other related duties of a comparable type/level as assigned.

Work Hours : Assigned shift based on seniority, full-time position requiring availability nights, weekends and holidays.

Overtime Requirement: As need arises for emergency situations.

*REQUIRED* QUALIFICATIONS: Requires a minimum of two years animal care and treatment experience, or at least one year of which is in assisting a licensed veterinarian; or one year experience as an Animal Protection Officer or law enforcement personnel. Current, valid driver’s license required. Must be able to lift over 70 pounds. Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.

This is a full time job.

Contact Information

Megan Checket
Bob Citrullo
The Humane Educational Society
Chattanooga, TN

Closing Date: March 31, 2019

Animal Control