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Responsible for overseeing adoption services, and developing, implementing and coordinating animal transfer and foster activities within the Cabarrus County Animal Shelter.
-Assists in evaluation of animals and collaborates with other staff in selection process for adoption, transfer, and euthanasia.
-Responsible for knowing which animals are available for placement and the temperaments and personalities of these pets.
-Establishes and fosters partnerships with other animal shelters and rescue groups to transfer animals to other facilities to improve adoption opportunities.
-Coordinates recruitment of active and qualified rescue groups, including verifying rescue group references and maintaining a list of these groups.
-Works with rescue groups to coordinate transport when needed.
-Drives department vehicle to transport animals on as needed basis.
-Prepares and maintains required paperwork (eg. Contracts, applications, transfer agreements, etc.) for the transfer of animals to other agencies and/or foster homes.
-Maintains and updates animal inventory records to record and track the transfer and placement of animals to other agencies and/or foster homes.
-Communicates information and transfer requests to groups via social media, phone, or email.
-Manages foster program efforts and operations including the recruiting, screening, and training of foster homes.
-Maintains list of active foster homes and coordinates animals with these homes.
-Oversees adoptions at the shelter, including working with the adoption counselor to discuss specific animal needs to ensure proper matches are being made.
-Listen to customers and provide effective responses and remedies to their questions and needs.
-Treats all animals humanely, with compassion and concern, transmits these values to others.
-Assists with tours, lectures, public education programs, fundraising activities and special events as needed.
-Answers all phone and in-person inquiries in a professional manner, routes inquiries as appropriate.
-Performs related tasks as required.
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