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Under general supervision of the Animal Services Manager, organizes, coordinates, and supervises the work of the Animal Services staff in the field and at the animal shelter.

Directly supervises Animal Control Assistants, Animal Control Attendants, and Animal Control Officers. Supervises all Animal Services staff in the absence of the Animal Services Supervisor.

Supervises the day-to-day operations of Animal Services to ensure work is accomplished, animals are cared for and facility is sanitary.

Relates staff concerns to veterinarians regarding specific animals and insures veterinary instructions are carried out. Recommends placement for wild and exotic animals.

Oversees departmentally specific functions such as adoption, euthanasia, vet care determinations, dangerous animal declaration, animal bites, animal abandonment, animal cruelty complaints and enforces animal control ordinances.

Enforces applicable state laws and public health codes related to rabies, including the rabies specimen collections, preparation, and quarantine.

Prepares employee assignments and schedules.

Reviews shelter practices and procedures to ensure efficient and economical use of resources.

Maintains files, records and statistics that include but are not limited to: animal population, adoption, euthanasia, spay and neuter, field services metrics, incident and personnel data. Ensure that appropriate fees are collected from patrons, pet owners and municipalities. Maintains controlled substance records and yearly license renewals.

Assists with the hiring, supervision, promotion, training, and discipline, of shelter employees, providing regular, on-going feedback and timely evaluations.

Remains current on animal care and control issues.

Conducts and participates in meetings with staff to review procedures, discuss workplace issues and share ideas to improve animal care.

Supervises incoming animals and adoptions and ensures that the public receives accurate information and friendly service. Takes control of tense situations with distraught or angry customers and responds to citizen inquiries or complaints

Assists in coordinating training courses for the State Department of Health animal control certification.

Serves as an agent and representative to various local governmental and media agencies.

Patrols streets to locate stray animals and promptly captures animals and transports them to an animal shelter. Removes dead, injured or dangerous animals from streets and residential premises.

Responds to complaints concerning animal problems or violations of animal control ordinance; including, but not limited to, animals running at large, bites, property damage, and injuries.

Investigates violations of animal control ordinances and issues warnings or citations as required; appears in court to testify regarding animal control cases.

Serves various criminal or civil notices or papers related to enforcement of animal control ordinances.

Works an assigned shift using own judgment in deciding course of action being expected to handle difficult and emergency situations without assistance.

Maintains availability by radio or telephone for consultation on major emergencies or precedent.

Carries out duties in conformance with Federal, State, County, and City laws and ordinances.

Manages, establishes, revises and implements work unity procedures and develops recommendations for policy changes, for review and consideration by senior management.

Directs, plans organizes and implement initial and recurring training for Animal Services Officers.

Works an assigned shift using own judgment in deciding course of action being expected to handle difficult and emergency situations without assistance as well as responding to after hour emergency calls as needed.

Maintains contact with police and fire personnel to coordinate investigation activities, provide mutual assistance during emergency situations and provides general information about Department activities.

Logs all calls and handles inquiries from the public pertaining to pet ownership and ordinances.

Carries out euthanasia and the preparation and submitting of animals for rabies examinations.

Attends meetings that involve sharing information of a sensitive nature.

Accesses secured City facilities.

Attends staff level meetings and prepares briefs on division activities.

Performs all duties of subordinate animal services employees when necessary.

Maintains and inventories departmental equipment, supplies and facilities.
Serves as a member of various employee committees.
Performs other duties as assigned.

This is a full time job

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Debbie Prince
Executive Assistant

Closing Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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