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The Canine Supervisor has a complete knowledge of the policies and procedures of the McKamey Animal Center and has a strong positive working relationship with the Canine staff as a developer of a quality caretaker team. The Canine Supervisor will oversee caretakers who are working with the health, well-being and general care of Center canines. The Canine Supervisor is also responsible for maintaining a safe and sanitary facility for animals and people while providing humane handling and care for all Center canines daily. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the position.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (includes, but not limited to):

Train, supervise, manage, motivate and evaluate Canine Supervisor staff:
- Train staff side by side on proper procedures. Go through the training document with them line by line. - - - Update the training policies as new processes and procedures are put into place. Complete regular and full reviews of employee’s training progress.
- Address work performance issues with caretakers through progressive disciplinary action, following McKamey’s procedures on staff discipline.
- Ensure that all canine areas are adequately staffed, posting a written schedule with at least a 24-hour notice and ensuring all vacation requests, absences, and schedule changes are covered before approving them.

- Conduct a facility walk through of all canine housing areas, checking equipment, maintenance, and sanitation as evaluating the health and behavior of all Center canines,
- Make special assignments for caretakers in these areas as needed.
Assist with the daily care of animals.
- Check all supplies and restock/re-order as needed.

Animal Care:
- Supervise and monitor Canine staff for completion of daily tasks and assign additional duties if necessary.
- Provide care for canines housed at the Center. Perform daily work according to established methods (this includes cleaning cages, washing/drying bedding, sterilizing food bowls/toys/equipment, bathing/exercising and moving animals).
- Assure all animals are cared for regarding food, water, daily exercise, enrichment and appropriate living conditions.
- Monitor the health and behavior of the animals.
- Assist caretaker staff with “trouble” areas or animals.
- Socialize the animals and create a positive living environment.
- Assist behavior assessors and health screenings on incoming animals.
- Maintain a clean, orderly, appropriately stocked work environment.
- Monitor and maintain hard copy and digital records on the animals.
- Perform euthanasia as needed.
- Assist the Assessment Lead with the flow and movement of animals within the Center (between wards, departments, and categories) as requested or needed.
- Training and certification as a Euthanasia Technician during the next McKamey sponsored class.

Rescue, Transfer & Transport Programs:
- Recruit, interview, screen and approve reputable rescue transfer and transport partners.
- Work with all partners to place animals that qualify as rescue candidates
- Maintain lines of communication with rescue, transfer & transport groups to follow progress of animals to promote success stories to the local media.
- Schedule and coordinate the mass transport program, abiding by all state and federal guidelines for transport as well as each destination shelter’s requirements.
- Ensure relationship building in the community and with animal partnerships using clear and effective communication and professionalism
- Research other programs that would insure the continual movement of animals out of the Center.

Job Qualifications and Skills:
- Support the mission of the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center and be able to professionally advocate the Center’s position on animal issues.
- Show strong interpersonal skills. Must be able to relate and confer with the managers and associate staff in a positive and constructive way; exercise good judgment when dealing with the public and when making decisions in the absence of a supervisor.
- Ability to make sound judgments and work independently as well a team setting in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands;
- Demonstrate written and verbal communications of a professional standard.
- Self-motivated to keep informed of, and clearly and accurately relay facts about, the Center’s news, events, and informational material.
- Basic knowledge of animal health, care and welfare and ability to work with animals of all temperaments.
Strong animal handling skills with a good knowledge of animal breeds and colors is desirable. Attention to detail.
- A “can do” team player attitude and willingness to go the extra mile.
- Complete flexibility with the job, work schedules, and the overall staff team needs.
- Enjoy handling a variety of tasks.

Education and Experience Required:
- College/associates degree and/or two years’ experience as a supervisor in an animal shelter or related work.
- Interest in animal care and welfare.
- Shows an energetic, positive and upbeat outlook.

Education and Experience Preferences:
- Experience with animals/animal shelters preferred.
- Minimum two years of working and interacting with the public desired.

This is a full time job

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Peri Smith
Human Resources Consultant

Closing Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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