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The Director, National Cat Outreach Programming, will oversee Best Friends cat outreach work in partnership with shelter partners across the country. The goal of this outreach work is intensive mentoring of partner organizations to achieve a 90% save rate or above. This benchmark success will happen through training and assisting them in implementing proven cat programming to increase positive outcomes as well as increase all aspects of cat programming, quality of care, and community engagement for cats and shelters across the country.

This work, anchored by Best Friends community cat programming "CCP," includes, but is not limited to; management and development of the community cat program team of approximately 15 FTE; the oversight and responsibility of full-scale, embed community cat programming; un-weaned, underage kitten programming, CCP mentorship grants and work; participation and assignment oversight of Best Friends National Conference content; oversight of digital cat learning tools such as CCP manual and digital learning modules for proven cat programming resources; public speaking on behalf of Best Friends at state, local or national events; public speaking at city council and government meetings on behalf of cat outreach programming and performing full shelter assessments targeted at cat needs of shelter partners primarily but with an understanding of dog needs and potentials for each organization.
This position requires an estimated 50% travel for this role, cross divisional communication and work with other Best Friends departments to maximize internal expertise, organization and communication as well as a strong management skill set. This is a remote position that is an integral part of the Best Friends, Mission Advancement team within Best Friends Animal Society.

Mission. Lead the determination of the purpose and role of Best Friends Animal Society's effort in empowering shelter partners in implementing proven practices with the goal of saving all healthy and treatable cats and dogs benchmarked at a 90% or above save rate. Ensure that the purpose and role is appropriate and consistent with Best Friends' organizational mission.

Vision. Lead the determination of the vision for Best Friends Animal Society in all cat outreach work. This may involve reaffirming the existing vision, refining the existing vision, or other outcomes deemed useful for our partner organizations. Ensure that the vision is appropriate and consistent with Best Friends' no kill vision and Best Friends' leadership vision for the No Kill movement.
Strategies. Lead the determination and implementation of the strategies for engaging partner shelters and rescues individually, and in coalitions, in order to achieve our organizational vision for all assigned cat outreach programs. This will involve participating in the development of as well as choosing the key strategies from among many possible strategies and ensuring that there is broad understanding and support within the organization.

Organizational Capabilities and Capacity. Lead the development of the Organizational Capabilities and Capacity required to implement the Strategies within the assigned mission advancement programs.

Culture. As one organizational capability, ensure that Best Friends Animal Society's employees in all programs understand the Best Friends organizational culture and act in accordance with it in order to achieve optimal results and employee engagement and to live and represent the Best Friends brand core values.

Stewardship of the Best Friends Brand. Ensure that Best Friends Animal Society employees within this program understand the Best Friends brand and the role that they play in building, sustaining, and communicating that brand to external constituencies.
Development and Execution of the Best Friends National Cat Outreach Programs

Align with the Mission Advancement Senior Director of Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) on cat outreach program goals for Best Friends and our partner organizations, including the definition of what success looks like by key performance indicators, a timestamp and the interim milestone goals.
Lead the execution of proven, cat programming, volunteers and coalitions within priority communities through general management of any CCP, adoption, intake diversion, spay/neuter, and partnering programs recommended by Best Friends.
Lead the volunteer and staff organizational teams the development of the regional no kill and Best Friends' "brand" within the program.
Ensure that program work is always consistent with and supportive of the Best Friends Animal Society organizational brand.
Ensure that staff understand the program and no kill presence and priorities and that staff at any locations work consistently to fulfill no kill brand promise.
Be able to support partner organizational development staff in representing the vision, strategies for achieving the vision, and status of execution of strategies in any meetings with donor prospects.

Scope and Responsibilities:
Oversee the general direction, and implementation of all organizational efforts related to national cat outreach programming around the country including but not limited to: oversight of approximately 15 FTE team members with minimum of 3 direct reporting staff, training, education, fundraising planning, sustainability planning, communications planning, strategic planning and partner capacity-building.
Perform shelter assessments in collaboration of National Shelter Outreach Director. Assess each partner potential for cat outreach success. Includes, but not limited to, onsite assessments of partners to establish road map to success, ordinance changes to allow proven, cat programming work in partnership with Best Friends legislation and advocacy team, as well activity and success statistical analysis and oversight of trends and effectiveness.
Perform learning workshops during lifesaving, training academies in collaboration with Shelter Outreach team for specific training academy sessions.
Perform assistance with programming, strategy and planning for embed programs to assist director of national embed programs with oversight and follow-up on key embed programs.
Assist senior director in strategy and implementation of Best Friends National Conference general and conference content.
Perform data analysis and debrief for pre-visits to mission advancement programs including but not limited CCP, assessments, training academies, field services trainings, executive leadership candidates and work.
Collaborate closely with the Lifesaving City Programs, Advocacy, Animal Care, Experience, Communications, Development, Volunteer, IT, and Marketing Senior Leadership to:
inform strategic direction for mission advancement programs;
to prioritize and maximize services/support offered by these departments to aid no kill work;
to maintain strong interdepartmental/divisional relationships to ensure we are supporting one another's goals as appropriate.
Work with the development division to cultivate Best Friends resource growth for partner organizations where mission advancement work is performed.
Work closely with network team to ensure advancement opportunities for partners and partner recruitment are integrated fully into their operations/goals.
Work closely with business intelligence and network operations teams to ensure appropriate data collection efforts are put in place in order to help create benchmarks, analyze progress, and foster continued program improvement.
Work closely with advocacy team to ensure legislative and advocacy efforts support programmatic goals and vice-versa.
Work closely with director of director of national veterinary outreach programming to ensure medical and veterinary capabilities are leveraged in support of implementing programs and creating long-term sustainability.
Provide strategic leadership to direct reports and coordinate their activities into a unified and integrated approach.
Responsible for development of staff in areas of oversight, including professional development. Establish clear directions, set stretch goals. Responsible for understanding staff career goals.
Responsible for development of session plan with specified and agreed upon end dates for each assigned program, with assistance from the senior director, for each assigned organizational partner prior to start of programming.
Ensure effective administration of departments; setting monthly, quarterly, and annual benchmarks and other systems of accountability; meeting stated goals; staying within budget; and ensuring human resources and appropriate functions are in compliance with local and federal guidelines.
Monitors trends in animal welfare field, including legislative arena, and advise on positioning, messaging, and programming.
Represent Best Friends at national, regional and state events and conferences including public speaking and making presentations on a variety of topics related to nonprofit leadership and animal welfare issues.
Ensure volunteers are being utilized effectively and are a core part of our work.
Identify collaboration opportunities in order to effectively achieve NK2025 and increase Best Friends presence nationwide.
Performing scheduling and payroll for all direct reports and ensure that all time and attendance is correct and completed by deadline time and date for staff as assigned.
Provide shelter consulting to key partners in other regions of the country.
Provide ongoing mentorship to leadership at key partners in other regions of the country as assigned.
In assistance with or in place of partner organizational leadership, build the capabilities and capacity to implement the chosen strategies at the appropriate scale for mission advancement program cities. This includes developing the organizational and individual capabilities in the following areas:
Performance measurement and reporting (setting planned animal-saving outcomes; accumulating and reporting actual outcomes; understanding the outcomes we got and why we got them)
Effective guidance of and collaboration with the National Marketing team to market the city program's services (that is, to build demand for them) and to fulfill the demand for Best Friends programs
Delivery of live outcome, spay/neuter, and partnering programs
Organization and mobilization of volunteers in support of local, regional and national efforts.
Supplies and other inventory procurement and management
Facilities, equipment and utilities procurement and management
Staffing selection, management, development and retention
All other HR matters
All IT matters (in close coordination with central IT)
External and internal communications
Accounting and finance (including budgeting of expenses and revenues; accumulating and reporting actual results; understanding the results we got and why we got them).

Skills and Qualifications:
A minimum 5 years of direct management, team leading experience required.
A minimum of 5 years' experience working in animal welfare or a related role. A minimum of 3 years of direct work in an animal shelter with cats.
A Bachelor's degree. 8 years of proven management, team leading experience accepted in lieu on degree.
Superior skills related to creating curriculum for adult learning and development.
Proven skills in Microsoft Office, Teams or equivalent organizational tools for internal planning, communication.
Able to prioritize daily, weekly and longer terms tasks and projects for yourself as well as your team
Excellent presentation and communication skills related to working with internal staff, animal welfare advocates, and the general public.
Ability to professionally advocate Best Friends' positions on animal welfare related issues.
Direct expertise in proven cat programming including successful programs for stray, healthy cats; under-age kittens; adoption; medical cases varying from injury to illness; working cats; FELV/FIV; etc.
Experience with diverse animal-related programming including spay/neuter, adoptions, animal sheltering, advocacy, government relations, and public-private partnerships.
Exceptional analytic and creative skills.
Ability to think strategically.
Ability to synthesize complex information.
Ability to manage cross division and cross organization teams including peers and senior leaders.
Demonstrated ability to be effective in managing organizational change and ability to influence and persuade others.
Strong interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations.
Models team-player behavior; personable, professional, upbeat, collaborative, takes initiative, uses tact and diplomacy.

Physical Requirements:
Extended periods of time working at a computer with repetitive typing, arm and hand motion.
Ability to travel as needed, using various means of travel including air passenger travel, driving, and public transportation. Travel requirements may be sporadic at times and may require weekend travel, Travel requirements are anticipated to average around 50%.
Ability to embed in programs for days or weeks at a time to fill gaps.
Ability to work in a shelter environment where animals are killed for space and handle dogs of all sizes and cats when necessary.

Able to drive a Best Friends van or other Best Friends vehicle when necessary.
Best Friends Animal Society is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, domestic partner status, or medical condition.

This is a full time job

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