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As an industry, animal welfare is changing. Upticks in disaster, increasing disparity, and distance mean that in order to truly help animals, the entire industry must rethink systems, animal transport, programming and outreach. Humane Rescue Alliance is leading the change. A July 2019 merger between HRA and St. Hubert's of NJ means that HRA is now the first regional, community-based, multi-state animal welfare organization in the nation. At HRA, we are building an alliance that can tackle the systemic challenges facing animal welfare all with the goal of saving more lives. In order to achieve this goal, HRA’s leadership is making a strategic investment to increase the fundraising capacity to support increased outreach in the individual, foundation and corporate donor segments.

The Humane Rescue Alliance seeks a skilled individual who will build a collaborative, revenue-producing partnerships and direct a new team to attract and engage major funders and partners (foundations, corporations) with a focus on DC and NY/NJ corridor.

If interested please apply for Director of Strategic Partnerships using the link below:…

This is a full time job

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Closing Date: Friday, April 10, 2020

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