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Anticipated salary range: $50,000-60,000/ year, depending on applicant’s experience
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The Kauai Humane Society (KHS), the island’s only open intake animal shelter, seeks a Field Services Manager to develop, direct and manage a humane and efficient Field Services Department. KHS’s Field Services Department is responsible for the humane capture, transport and intake of stray and owned animals, responding to public concerns regarding animal abuse and cruelty, conducting animal rescues and cruelty investigations, as well as other related activities which promote the humane treatment of animals. Humane Officers must be experienced and confident when handling animals, must be comfortable driving around the island, must be able to represent KHS in a positive light at all times, and must be comfortable dealing with the public in a variety of different situations.

Role and Responsibilities
Develops, directs and manages Field Services staff in the provision of professional field services, to include but not limited to public relations, complaints, emergencies, animal pick-ups, licensing, cruelty investigations, issuance of citations, court case development, etc.
Understands, and is able to enforce, state and county laws pertaining to animals including: complaints about nuisance animals, aggressive animals, cruelty, leash laws, licensing, etc.
Maintains real-time awareness of changes in county and state laws as well as the animal welfare field in general.
Works with the County and the Executive Director to make recommendations regarding the development of new animal control and animal welfare laws.
Responds to requests for services pertaining to animals; initiates and/or supervises cases and investigations as needed.
Assists with the creation of policies and procedures for the Field Services Department as it pertains to field duties. Oversees the implementation, maintenance and monitoring of aforementioned policies and procedures.
Treats all animals humanely, properly and with compassion according to established Society procedures; and promotes a humane and caring attitude toward all animals through education to the public and being an example to all at all times of proper care of animals.
Acts as an advocate for animal welfare and ensures that decisions are made with the best interest of all animals.
Directs, and as necessary, performs regular inspections of all organized animal related activity; e.g. rodeos, pet shops, fairs, assure that animal welfare standards and laws are met.
Conducts oneself with a pleasant, courteous and professional attitude at all times.
Responsible for overseeing the department's budget.
Prepares and oversees department schedule ensuring 24/7 island wide coverage.
Serves as a member of the shelter’s leadership team, attending operations and managers meetings.
Develops and maintains on-going relationships with the Kauai Police Department, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and other agencies on and off island to assure compliance with enforcement procedures.
Assumes a leadership role to coordinate animal disaster response activities.
Oversees fleet of vehicles and related equipment maintenance and repairs. Responsible for individual vehicle care and equipment cleaning, disinfecting and restocking according to Society established procedures.

This is a full time job

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Mirah Horowitz
Executive Director

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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