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Human Animal Support Services (HASS) is a collaborative effort to de-institutionalize animal welfare, building community-based animal services to meet the needs of people and animals wherever they live. With more than 40 pilot animal services agencies, HASS is bringing together all sectors of the animal welfare industry to create, implement, test and scale a series of programs and changes to move animal services into the community. Born during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, HASS is designed to quickly pivot to address the financial and social impacts of COVID-19 on people and animals in our communities.

Currently, HASS has an immediate need to to quickly build a usable, scalable tool kit for animal shelters to prevent animals and people from being separated when people face eviction or face immediate financial barriers to keeping their pets. The KFT Program Manager will create this resource while the KFT Implementation Coordinator position (this position) provides direct support and assistance to shelters implementing the tool kit recommendations and building pet support services in their communities.

The HASS Keeping Families Together Implementation Coordinator is a remote position that is responsible for helping the HASS Tier 1 shelters to implement the Keeping Families Together tool kit. This position will serve at the direction of the KFT Program Manager and will provide support, educational materials, sample documents, guidance on forming strategic partnerships, and available resources in each of the Tier 1 communities in conjunction with the outputs of the KFT Working Group. The Implementation Coordinator will help shelters identify retention goals, build pet support services, and measure the impact of various intervention strategies.

TIME COMMITMENT: This is a nonexempt (hourly) / part-time / limited-term position for six months with an average of 20 hours per week, on-call as needed; evening and weekend work required. The schedule will vary and may include weekends.


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This is a part time job

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Melinda Lauffer

Closing Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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