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Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) is a progressive public entity located in Chapel Hill that is seeking one or more veterinarians to provide spay, neuter, medical and other services on a contractual basis for an hourly rate of compensation. The medical areas in Orange County’s state of the art Animal Services Center include an in-house surgical suite for sterilization of shelter animals, treatment room, multiple isolation areas, and separate examination rooms. The surgery suite is fully equipped and trained technical support staff assists with all veterinary services.
At the present, there is one veterinarian providing spay/neuter services on a limited basis and another veterinarian providing part-time medical services. Orange County Animal Services seeks to add additional veterinarians to increase our capacity to offer these services and perform other services needed for our overall population.
These services include:
· Cruelty (or forensic) examinations
· Training for shelter staff who need to become certified euthanasia technicians and certified rabies vaccinators
· Working with both shelter and field staff to assure sufficient capabilities with chemical immobilization

Since opening its current facility a decade ago, OCAS has taken steps to assure the overall health of the shelter population, treat animals with specific conditions (e.g., heartworm) so that they could be rehomed, and spay and neuter all cats and dogs prior to their adoption. These efforts are possible because of strong community support and dedication to community spay/neuter education and support to decrease shelter population over time.
If you are interested in providing any of the veterinary services sought by OCAS, provide a proposal that includes the following:

a) Service(s) you are interested in providing (interested veterinarians may offer one or more services)
b) Pertinent experience
· In the case of spay and neuter, a description of productivity (an hourly rate if possible)
c) Hourly rate of compensation desired
d) Number of days/hours you would be available per week
e) North Carolina veterinary licensing information
f) Years practicing veterinary medicine
g) Two professional references with contact information and permission to contact

This is a part time job

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Jovana Amaro

Closing Date: Friday, August 14, 2020

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