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The Veterinary Assistant role is pivotal to a smooth-running shelter operation. This individual will be responsible for the clinic area and inventory of medical supplies as well as overseeing the animals through each stage of their veterinary care at the shelter prior to adoption. The Veterinary Assistant assists the shelter veterinarians with all aspects of the treatment and care of animals at Lake Humane Society. The Veterinary Assistant also provides training and support to the shelter staff, volunteers, adopters, and clients with regards to shelter medicine, disease control, and animal care. Knowledge of animal behavior and medical/surgical care is needed, but Registered Veterinary Technician certification is not required. Minimum of 2 year experience in an animal hospital and/or Humane Society is highly desirable. Position is full-time, and requires 40 hours of work per week. Weekend availability is required. Salary range is $12.00 - $18.00 per hour depending on experience.

***Registered Veterinary Technicians may also apply for this position and my qualify for a higher salary depending on experience***

Ability to assist veterinarians with surgery.
Excellent observation and record keeping skills.
Prepare animals for surgery; induces and monitors anesthesia.
Medicates and provides routine medical care and clinical laboratory tests to shelter animals.
Implants microchips into animals placed for adoption.
Maintains all surgical packs and autoclaves; stores and maintains inventory of medical supplies.
Examines and screens intake animals and determines if there is an immediate need for a vet exam.
Identify normal and abnormal animal behavior and symptoms of rabies and other animal diseases.
Properly store and maintain inventory of medical supplies, including Schedule II narcotics.
Care, feed, and safely handle animals to avoid injury to persons and/or animals.
Maintains and updates records for all animals using the animal management database (Pet Point).
Renders emergency treatment in life-threatening situations to sustain life.
Performs follow-up treatment as prescribed by a veterinarian.
Assists staff in proper euthanasia techniques utilizing injection methods.
Requires working alone or with minimal supervision. Must be self-motivated.
Displays patience and tact when working with difficult, emotional or angry people.
Speaking and writing effectively and clearly in a professional manner to employees and adopters/donors.
Treating people and animals in a pleasant, courteous and professional manner.
Ability to work in a team environment and to provide team leadership.
Knowledge of Federal, State, and County laws, regulations, and ordinances governing:
Rabies quarantine
Euthanasia techniques
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) record keeping requirements for Schedule II narcotics and SHARPS biohazard waste
Physical and behavioral characteristics of common breeds of dogs, cats and pocket pets
Disease symptoms in domestic animals
Autoclaving and surgical pack preparation
Aseptic surgical techniques
Professional animal care and husbandry
LHS customer service objectives and strategies
Telephone, office, and online etiquette
Current technology and trends in shelter medicine

This is a full time job

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