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Job Title: Animal Medical Services Veterinary Assistant
Reports to: Lead CVT
Hours: Part Time 8am-1pm Monday-Friday. No weekends!
Pay Rate: Hourly based on experience plus Benefits package
Scope of Position: The AMS Veterinary Assistant is responsible for working closely with the technicians in assisting and supporting the Veterinarians and UW rotating Veterinary Students in examining, handling, restraining, and treating patients. S/he is also responsible for daily care and record keeping of surgical and medical patients, administration of sedatives as directed by the veterinarians, surgical preparation, anesthetic monitoring, and patient recovery.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Daily Animal Care
• Assist veterinarian in examining, handling, and treating patients humanely, properly, and with compassion.
• Administer vaccinations, treatments, and medications as directed by the veterinarians, as well as providing water, proper diet, and enrichment for all animals in veterinary care.
• Prepare patients for surgery, administer pre-surgical sedatives under the direction of the veterinarians, provide post-operative care and perform dental cleanings.
• Perform and/or assist with euthanasia when needed and directed by the veterinarians.
• Assist in general health assessments and notify veterinarians of those animals in need of medical attention.
• Perform venipuncture, radiology and diagnostic laboratory tests.
• Clean cages and care for all animals housed in Animal Medical Services.
• Monitor status of all ICU patients and communicate changes in status to the veterinarian.
Communications with Staff, Volunteers, Interns, and Public
• Admit and release animals from Animal Medical Services in a responsive, courteous, and tactful manner and inform the client of any pertinent medical information.
• Field general inquiries and serve as an education resource for the staff, volunteers, and public in a calm, courteous manner.
• Foster an open and friendly atmosphere between Animal Medical Services and staff, interns, volunteers, students, and public.
• Actively assist in improving volunteer retention and job satisfaction in AMS as well as the shelter as a whole.
• Work as a team with AMS staff, interns, students and volunteers, and within the shelter as a whole.

Maintenance of Veterinary Treatment Records
• Maintain patient records by accurately recording exam notes, treatments and test results in PetPoint, the shelter’s computer software.
• Maintain accurate surgical records by completing any related paperwork and computer entry.
• Assist in maintaining medical inventory and ordering of supplies.

Building Maintenance
• Maintain a healthy, safe, sanitary, pleasant, and clean environment for the animals and people in the Animal Medical Services at all times.
• Daily and weekly cleaning, organization, and restocking in AMS.
• Follow proper guidelines for maintenance of all medical and surgical equipment.
Follow established procedures governing safe work practices.
• High school diploma required with advanced training and experience in the veterinary field preferred
• Skilled and experienced in handling and restraining a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles, feral cats and wildlife animals in a safe, effective, and humane manner.
• Basic knowledge of preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic veterinary treatment of domestic and exotic animals.
• Familiarity with current shelter accepted sanitary practices.
• Ability to provide leadership, education, supervision, and direction to summer interns, students, and volunteers.
• Polite and effective communication and public relations skills.
• Professional appearance including abiding by the dress code (scrubs).
• Critical evaluation and observational skills.
• Experience and ability to work effectively in a team atmosphere and independently without direct supervision.
• Commitment to the fulfillment of Dane County Humane Society’s mission to Help People Help Animals.
• Acquire and possess thorough understanding and dedication to the philosophies of animal welfare and shelter veterinary clinic practices.
• Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds safely.
• Must possess basic computer skills.
To Apply: Please send resume and application to Deidra Topel, Lead CVT at by 7/1/2020 best consideration. Dane County Humane Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This is a part time job

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Deidra Topel
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Closing Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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