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The Humane Rescue Alliance, the first unified organization in a major urban area to provide all the animal welfare programs and services to the community, seeks a veterinary technician to join a dynamic team of medical professionals to provide medical care and monitoring of health and welfare of animals through its medical center. HRA’s medical center cares for shelter animals and provides low cost services to members of the public via appointment and through HRA community programs, including community cats and animals in HRA foster homes. This position offers a unique opportunity to work for an innovative, mission-oriented organization committed to changing the landscape of animal welfare.

Provide a wide range of medical care and guidance, from basic wellness and care information to surgical support to HRA shelter animals and community/owned animals. Ensure each patient is treated humanely and compassionately and that medical information is shared with clients in a way that is friendly, approachable, and clear, and that it complies with policies and mission of organization. Must be committed to providing incremental levels of support to owned animals to support accessible and improved care in the home and maintenance of the human-animal bond.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Conduct patient appointments for basic wellness procedures, including administering vaccinations, parasite treatments, and routine screenings
Assist veterinarians with patient appointments for illnesses, including obtaining patient history, addressing client or foster parent concerns, performing indicated diagnostics, administering treatments, reviewing discharge instructions
Perform nursing care such as wound care, administering medications (oral, topical, injectable), feeding special diets, checking vital signs, placing and maintaining IV catheters and administering and monitoring IV fluid therapy.
Collect laboratory samples including blood, urine, feces
Prepare laboratory samples and perform in-house lab work or prepare to be sent to reference laboratory
Inform and educate clients and foster parents on animal health status, diseases, and proper care.
Update and maintain patient files, review care plans, and handle other administrative duties as necessary.
Prepare animals for surgery including pre-surgery health screenings, animal identification, preparing medications, anesthesia induction, preparing surgical site.
Perform all aspects of anesthesia monitoring including during peri and post-operative monitoring.
Clean, wrap and sterilize surgical instruments.
Assist with surgical check in and discharge of public, foster, and shelter animals.
Assist with equipment maintenance.
Assist with inventory management as assigned.
Calculate, administer and record medications; complete controlled drug logs.
Capture diagnostic radiographs.
Respond to emergency situations and administer triage care or CPR as needed.
Perform daily health evaluations, scheduled treatments, intake exams and vaccinations of shelter animals.
Assist veterinarians with daily rounds, monitor daily health of animals in shelter and medical center.
Fill prescriptions.
Provide care for all hospitalized animals including feeding, cleaning, walking, medicating, and monitoring overall health status.
Perform and assist with euthanasia of shelter animals.
Communicate with foster and adoptive parents regarding health inquires.
Notify behavior team of animal behavioral needs and/or concerns.
Maintain satisfactory level of care by attending continuing education as required or assigned.
Maintain departmental procedures and protocols regarding humane care and treatment of animals.
Perform other duties and special projects as assigned.
Maintain cleanliness of medical and surgical areas.
Follow safety guidelines, maintain a healthy and safe environment for animals and people.
Take immediate action to address any safety concern or noncompliance of safety rules that could put an employee, volunteer, client, animal, volunteer, or organization at risk.
Represent HRA in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
Provide quality service to public, volunteers, and employees recognizing their individual contributions to success of HRA.
Promote special events, programs, fundraising efforts, and donor opportunities when practical.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Proficient technical skills, including but not limited to administering medications, phlebotomy, placing IV catheters, analyzing blood, urine, fecal samples, obtain vital signs, monitor anesthesia, capture radiographs
Knowledge of animal shelter procedures and protocols.
Knowledge and skill in restraint and handling techniques, general animal safety practices, including recognizing animal behavior patterns.
Ability to work effectively, independently and in team; in atmosphere of multiple projects, shifting priorities, deadline pressures; to be flexible, detail oriented; to prioritize.
Excellent interpersonal skills w/ customer service orientation. Ability to communicate effectively, courteously, professionally.
Computer literacy w/ proficient use of programs including Microsoft Office programs, email, Internet and database software.
Passion for HRA mission, for caring of all animals regardless of age, breed, temperament or species.
Ability to work weeknights, weekends, holidays as needed. Ability to work weekend vaccine, feline clinics, as needed.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment:

Ability to lift 50 pounds unassisted regularly, 50+ pounds assisted.
Ability to be comfortable working w/ cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles, fish, wildlife.
Ability to perform strenuous physical activity on daily basis, including lifting, carrying, reaching, stooping, squatting, standing, bending.
Due to nature of shelter work, may be exposed to deceased, fractious, or aggressive animals; hostile, irate persons; zoonotic or other diseases unpleasant noises, odors, sights; extreme temperatures.
Possess and maintain valid driver’s license.

Education and Experience:

Minimum two years of progressively responsible experience as high volume surgical veterinary technician.
College degree or equivalent experience. Certified or licensed Veterinarian Technician preferred.
Ability to pass skills assessment during interview process.

This is a full time job

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Closing Date: Friday, December 18, 2020

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