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Carlisle phone home

From Animal Sheltering magazine November/December 2014

This picture of sweet little Carlisle was taken when we were fostering him for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS). He was too young to be adopted, so we took him in until he was old enough to find a home of his own.

He was a feisty little guy, but he fit right in with our crazy bunch. If his food and water bowls were empty, he would get very upset and throw them around the kitchen, then he’d race around the house in a frenzy. One time, my kids had been playing with him in their room. I found him nestled in all the stuffed animals, so we repositioned him and grabbed this adorable shot.

We fell in love with this little guy, and it was really tough letting him go, but we knew that to save more lives, we had to let him find his forever home. He went back to GBHS when he was old enough and was adopted within a week. He’s now living happily ever after with his family!

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About the Author

Former foster volunteer
Greater Birmingham Humane Society
Birmingham, Ala.