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Foxy finds friends

From Animal Sheltering magazine September/October 2016

Foxy is now tumor-free and living in a loving home after her foster dad, Kim Arnold, adopted her.Before she received veterinary care from Great Plains SPCA, Foxy’s massive tumor made it hard for her to walk.

In April 2016, Great Plains SPCA welcomed in one of our most special guests and unique medical cases.

Foxy was found by a good Samaritan near a lake in the Kansas City metro area. The 4-year-old Chihuahua mix was scared, starving and barely able to walk. The kind woman brought Foxy to our public Veterinary Care Center in Merriam, Kan. She immediately needed fluids, food and TLC from our veterinary team.

Foxy was emaciated and frail—weighing only 7 pounds. She was skin and bones except for a huge tumor that was hanging from her abdomen. This tumor itself weighed about 3 pounds—nearly half of her full body weight. This poor girl could barely walk because the tumor was attached by a small piece of tissue, and most of it hung on the ground.

Through our posts on Facebook and stories on two local news stations, her story spread through the community. While no one came forward to claim her, we had many people fall in love with her and donate toward her medical care. Days later, our veterinarians performed a successful surgery to remove the tumor, and we sent her into a loving foster home. The man who fostered her, Kim Arnold, fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Arnold brought Foxy back to our Veterinary Care Center for checkups and weeks later officially adopted her.

Foxy enjoys running around and being free of the tumor. Our entire team at Great Plains SPCA is so proud we were able to take Foxy in, give her quality veterinary care and place her in a loving fur-ever home where she will finally live the life she deserves.

About the Author

Rachel Hodgson is chief communications officer for Great Plains SPCA.