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A mop with a soul inside

From Animal Sheltering magazine May/June 2015

Paul Dejardin/Dane County Humane Society

Willard was on the run. He eluded animal service officers for days before they were finally able to catch and bring him to the Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) in Madison. He arrived scared, exhausted and in desperate need of a shave.

A standard poodle mix, Willard had a coat that was completely overgrown, matted and full of burrs. For over an hour, Willard patiently waited while veterinary technicians shaved his coat. It was as if he knew our staff was there to help. It was remarkable to see that under all that fur, there was one very skinny and relieved dog.

After his seven-day stray hold, Willard quickly found his new family. He was adopted by a woman who had been waiting for a dog like him for over a year. She had previously adopted a miniature poodle named Stella, who arrived at DCHS after we helped seize animals from a sanctuary that had become a hoarding situation. Both Willard and Stella are lucky dogs to have found such a great home, especially after having rough starts in life.

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About the Author

Development assistant at Dane County Humane Society Madison, Wis.