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A round-up of fun, inspiring news tidbits from the animal welfare world.

From Animal Sheltering Magazine November/December 2013

20 years of World Spay Day—and one snuggly kitty

Who needs a heating pad when you’ve got Algae? A former feral, Algae is the “mascat” at the nonprofit Fox Hollow Animal Project spay/neuter clinic in Hamilton, Mont., where his specialty is snuggling up to dogs (and the occasional cat) as they are waking up from their surgeries. “He likes to sit on top of the big ones,” says clinic manager Marilyn Taylor. Fox Hollow has performed 25,000 low-cost surgeries for cats and dogs since it opened in this rural community near the Idaho border in 2005. As a participant in World Spay Day 2013, the clinic used a grant from The HSUS to provide free spays for 50 female cats and dogs, and to heavily subsidize spays and neuters for 108 more during the month of February. This coming February, The HSUS and Humane Society International will celebrate 20 years of Spay Day events, which got its start as Spay Day USA at the Doris Day Animal League in 1995. The organizations combined operations in 2006, and the campaign is now known as World Spay Day to reflect the participation of as many as 46 countries. World Spay Day events have gotten quite creative: One veterinary clinic held a 24-hour spay/neuter marathon; another hired a massage therapist to rub down the veterinarians and technicians in between surgeries; at still another, veterinarians and technicians formed teams with names like Castration Sensation and Hello Kitty and listened to love songs. Myriad fundraising dinners are titled “Spay-ghetti with No Balls.” To find out how to participate in the 20th anniversary event this coming February, go to

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