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For Skylar, no limits

From Animal Sheltering magazine May/June 2016

Skylar was covered in burns when she arrived at the Virginia Beach SPCA, but that didn’t stop her from loving everyone she met.Betty Boop, also adopted from the Virginia Beach SPCA, is Skylar’s new sister in her adopted home.

In August 2015, the Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA) was asked by PETA if we could take in a 4-month-old dog it had rescued earlier that week. Skylar was her name, and she had what her previous owners referred to as “wear-marks and sores from her harness” covering her entire back. In truth, she was covered in severe chemical burns, which caused her skin to peel off in large clumps.

Upon arrival, shelter veterinarians immediately assessed the severity of Skylar’s burns. Her wounds were cleaned and medicated daily, and yet everyone she met—people, other dogs and even cats—became an instant friend. She greeted everyone with a full-body wiggle that demanded you fall in love with her.

After weeks of treatment and time in a foster home, Skylar was available for adoption. During her treatment, Skylar had become quite popular among VBSPCA staff, volunteers and the community, and it didn’t take long for her to find a home.

Skylar’s new family is a VBSPCA favorite, as they had adopted Betty Boop, a shelter alum who had previously spent her entire life outside, had severe skin infections and filed-down teeth and was heartworm positive. Despite Betty’s past, she was as sweet as could be. Needless to say, our staff was thrilled to watch Skylar leave with this family and become Betty Boop’s kid sister.

About the Author

Amanda Panuline Dunlap is the Director, volunteers and community relations for the Virginia Beach SPCA.