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Speeding up an adoption

From Animal Sheltering magazine September/October 2012

The volunteers were sad to see another big, intact male bully-breed mix come in to the Friendswood, Texas, shelter once again. But within minutes of meeting him and naming him Boscoe, we realized he was just a big, friendly, affectionate marshmallow. He was overlooked numerous times when people came to adopt, but after several weeks, a foster family took him home for a break from the kennel and committed themselves to finding him the right forever home. A flier was made and distributed that equated Boscoe to a delicious candy bar that happens to share his name. He went to many adoption events and activities and was featured on a local radio personality’s show.

Boscoe received some interested inquiries, but all of them had some issue—either they failed to follow through, or it didn’t work out for some other reason. Since many weeks had passed since his first photo session at the shelter, I was asked to get some new “cool” photos to promote this wonderful dog, and we decided to shoot some motion images of Boscoe riding in the red convertible that belongs to our rescue group’s president. Boscoe had a marvelous time and looked completely adorable in his Doggles. And finally, a truly interested adopter met and fell in love with him, and now he is in a fabulous home. Just recently his mama started volunteering at the shelter, and I get to hear how much she adores him. He is the perfect dog for her! It took a while, but it reinforces my belief that there is a home for just about every animal if only we had the time and resources to find them. Fostering is a great way to save more lives!

About the Author

Cynthia Barker works for Friendswood Animal Advocates in Friendswood, Texas.