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A trip for the old block

From Animal Sheltering magazine January/February 2015

Block was part of a 2012 cruelty case. He and his “brother” had infected bite wounds and were tied up with chains for collars. At the shelter they both healed after many months of treatment and care and went up for adoption. Block was one of the all-time shelter staff and volunteer favorites. He was a lovable, goofy, big teddy-bear kind of a boy. Adopters didn’t seem to have much interest in him despite his sweet personality until June 2013, when Block caught the eye and heart of a wonderful family—a mother and a daughter—who came to look for a new companion on day two of our shelter’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days event. They said that they wanted a dog that had been at the shelter for a long time, and one of our volunteer coordinators told me they thought Block was perfect because he looks tough but is actually a perfect sweet boy (and is afraid of thunder). When they interacted with him, they fell in love. Hard to resist that sweet, teddy-bear-like personality!

Everyone stopped what they were doing at the shelter for a moment to come and see Block go home. Staff and volunteers cried while we cheered and wished Block well. He is loved very much and spoiled, as he should be, in his forever home. This really was one of the happiest adoptions I’ve seen at the shelter. Block went from an injured and neglected dog living on a chain to a spoiled and adored pooch who gets comforting hugs when the thunder comes.

Last spring I had some photographs printed on glass (a cool local company called Fracture gave me a discount to get them) on display at a local coffee shop, Volta. They were for sale to raise money for Kuranda beds for the shelter dogs and also to raise awareness of shelter animals. Block’s family purchased the photo of Block. When they came to the shelter to pick it up, they said they wanted the Kuranda bed to go in Block’s old kennel, kennel No. 35. That was also the day that they brought Block to the shelter so we could see him again. He was as sweet as ever! Some of the kennel staff who had cared for Block came out to see him, and we were able to buy eight new Kuranda beds from the photo sale.

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About the Author

Beth Zavoyski is a Volunteer at the Alachua County Animal Services in Gainesville, Fla.