The dark side of the coop

For shelters and rescues taking in chickens, the quest for backyard eggs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

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Animal Sheltering Magazine Fall 2017

Award-winning Animal Sheltering magazine offering news from the field, hands-on tips and expert advice for shelters, rescues, animal care and control agencies, and everyone involved in community animal welfare.

  • Animal Sheltering Winter 2019 cover

    Winter 2019-2020

    In this issue: New study highlights the importance of targeted TNR; “Community hero” award winner pushes Pets for Life in Louisiana; Maryland shelter’s canine pool parties make a splash; rethinking the best response to rabies-vector species; shelters use transport partnerships to evacuate animals; and more.

  • an ear-tipped cat

    Fall 2019

    Michigan dogs blossom following release from testing facility; shelter programs focus on finding new homes for shy or frightened ‘spirit’ cats; D.C., New Jersey organizations combine in a historic merger to increase impact; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actor and co-creator inspires people to #AdoptPureLove with the Shelter Pet Project; adoption center spreads love for ‘grown-ass adults’; and more.

  • Animal Sheltering Summer 2019

    Summer 2019

    A pet store program helps boost adoptions and fight puppy mills; A Las Vegas nonprofit crowdfunds training and therapy for shelter dogs; a compassion fatigue expert offers advice for animal welfare workers; nonprofit Free Animal Doctor and Airbnb offer excursions with rescue dogs; a Sacramento shelter combines The Bachelor parody with adoption promotion; and more.


Shor-Line quiet time cage cover

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