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    Bringing cat and bird advocates to the table

    A scientific conference promotes understanding between two passionate groups of animal lovers

    May/June 2013

    A scientific conference promotes understanding between cat supporters and wildlife advocates, and addresses the challenges of resolving conflicts involving cats, wildlife, and people.

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    Feral cats meet their waterloo - in a good way

    Debbie Gulyas, founder of the Waterloo Area Cat Project, feeds and loves up a kitty in the Waterloo Road district of Cleveland, where she has focused her TNR efforts.

    A Cleveland business district sees the benefits of TNR

    March/April 2013

    Recognizing that managing the population of feral cats that roamed a burgeoning arts and retail district in Cleveland would benefit both the cats and the community, a local business owner becomes a local TNR advocate and leader.

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    Returning healthy feral cats

    Caregivers and medical personnel should be aware of the best practices for the process of neutering and vaccinating free-roaming cats.

    Tips for veterinary care during trap-neuter-return

    January/February 2013

    Communities around the country are increasingly using TNR as the preferred method of cat control. Here, we examine the best medical practices for TNR, starting from the moment of capture through the time of release. Some of these steps will likely be performed by trappers and caregivers, others by the veterinarians performing the examinations, vaccinations, and surgeries.

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    Talking TNR

    ACO Larry Valiz shows off a trapped feral cat who’s going to the veterinarian to local youngster Audrey Thibodeaux.

    Promoting a better approach to feral cats to your local officials

    July/August 2012

    More communities are considering implementing trap-neuter-return programs, but local governments don’t always embrace them right away. TNR advocates can make their case by knowing the laws, understanding animal control’s role, and accentuating the benefits.

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    Out of the trash can, into the clinic

    Claudia is one of more than 2,250 cats Kandi Habeb’s feral cat group has helped so far, offering services from trap loans and caretaker education to spay/neuter.

    One dumpster-diving cat inspired Kandi Habeb to help thousands

    March/April 2012

    Inspired in 2004 by a dumpster-diving kitty, Kandi Habeb founded West Virginia’s first full-service trap-neuter-return program and has since helped well over 2,000 cats.

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