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  • President's Note

    A word from us

    Amanda Arrington meets a new friend in the YK Delta region of Alaska, where Pets for Life supports work to increase access to pet resources in remote villages.

    In my team's work on Pets for Life—our initiative that does door-to-door outreach in underserved communities, offering free pet care resources, services and information—one of the most common questions we get is how to fundraise for and sustain support for such programming. Beyond building the organization’s basic fundraising skills, it’s important for everyone involved to understand how companion animal welfare is connected to larger systemic and institutional challenges for people and their pets—issues like poverty, segregation, housing insecurity and resource inequity.

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  • Back to Basics

    Many happy returns

    For most healthy impounded stray cats, sterilizing, vaccinating, ear-tipping and returning them to where they were found is the best tactic.

    New manual will help guide your return-to-field program

    No single approach can solve all your community cat challenges, but return-to-field is often the place to start. A new handbook serves as a guide to providing positive outcomes for healthy outdoor cats.

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  • Rescue Central

    The light at the end of the rabbit hole

    To survive the topsy-turvy world of animal rescue, you need a mission, a guide and a plan

    Alice’s tribulations in Wonderland have nothing on the stresses faced by rescue groups. But with a well-defined mission and a reasonable scope of work, you and your team will go from mad as hatters to smiling like Cheshire cats.

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  • Shelter Medicine

    Out of the shelter, into the field

    Medical personnel from FOUR PAWS International place a jugular catheter in an abandoned calf in Indonesia.

    Applying best practices to help animals in limited-resource environments

    Providing veterinary care in underresourced overseas locations is a daunting challenge—particularly after a natural disaster strikes. A new field guide helps practitioners provide humane treatment despite less-than-ideal facilities, equipment and medications.

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  • Unforgettable

    An overnight success

    Maui Humane Society’s Spring Fling Slumber Party had community members, staffers and volunteers sleeping, singing and performing challenges in the kennels with the dogs.

    Shelter slumber party tugs heartstrings, raises funds

    On Maui, a shelter slumber party turns zzz’s into dollars.

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  • Mouthpieces

    Don't cat-nap the kittens!

    Download this Shareworthy to educate the public on how to approach newborn kittens.

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  • Magazine Article

    Betting on better behavior

    Las Vegas nonprofit crowdfunds training and therapy for shelter dogs

    Summer 2019

    There may be no sure bets in Las Vegas, but local shelter dogs are seeing their chances of adoption increase, thanks to a program that raises money from the public to get them trained.

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  • Magazine Article

    Handle with care

    Compassion fatigue expert offers advice for animal welfare workers

    Summer 2019

    When Jennifer Blough first felt compassion fatigue, she had never heard the term. She was a lifelong animal advocate—she became a vegetarian at a young age, followed her grandmother to animal rights protests and got a job as an animal control officer—but she had never heard anyone mention the issue. So when she burned out from her job in 2012, she had no idea what was wrong with her.

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  • Magazine Article

    Bloody brilliant fundraising

    A partnership between a California shelter and blood donation center saves lives

    Summer 2019

    In January, an unusual partnership between Humane Society Silicon Valley and Stanford Blood Center in California was lifesaving in more ways than one. For each person who donated blood throughout the month, the blood center contributed funds to the shelter.

    Overall, 3,395 people donated blood over 31 days, raising $6,790 for HSSV, which will go toward funding pet vaccinations and medical costs. The campaign included an on-site blood drive at the humane society led by blood center staff and volunteers.

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  • Magazine Article

    A rose for Colton

    Sacramento shelter combines 'The Bachelor' parody with adoption promotion

    Summer 2019

    The catfight starts in the dog yard at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California. Four women in high heels and bodycon dresses vie for the affections of Colton, a handsome hunk of a dog. As the competition escalates, there are tearful recriminations, backstabbing asides to the camera and an ugly confrontation over a leash.

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  • Magazine Article

    Answering the calls of the wild

    Fox in the yard? Bat in the bedroom? Injured bird in the road? No call is too small for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    Summer 2019

    In suburban Northern Virginia, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s service calls are an even split between domestic and wild animals. Pledged to resolve all human-animal conflicts safely and humanely, AWLA staff find daily ways to promote peaceful coexistence among all the region’s creatures.

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  • Magazine Article

    This 'little' piggy

    They don’t actually exist, but that doesn’t stop “mini” pigs from showing up at shelters

    Summer 2019

    Deceptive breeders, naive buyers and the pet pig fad among celebrities—pop princesses and famous athletes, we’re looking at you—are causing shelters’ and sanctuaries’ porcine populations to skyrocket. Here’s how to care for smart, strong-willed pigs in a shelter environment and help wannabe pig parents make smart decisions.

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