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  • Mouthpieces

    You can save a life

    Download this Shareworthy to urge action on behalf of dogs who need protection from the cold

    Download this Shareworthy to urge action on behalf of dogs who need protection from the cold.

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  • President's Note

    A word from us

    Kimberley Alboum meets a new friend during a visit to Rockingham County Animal Shelter in North Carolina.

    It's hard to believe that 2018 is already coming to a close. What an incredible year it has been for shelter pets and those who care for them. I hope that you can all take a moment this holiday season to look back on your amazing accomplishments.

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  • Q&A

    A tale of ordinary to extraordinary

    Danny and Ron’s Rescue cares for as many as 100 dogs at one time in a sprawling, ranch-style house on their farm.

    This pair rescued a few dogs and went on to help more than 1,000

    Filmmaker Ron Davis describes the inspiration for Life in the Doghouse, a heartwarming documentary of love and rescue.

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  • Back to Basics

    Making meetings matter

    The surprising impact of terrible meetings, and how to run great ones

    Do the words “let’s have a meeting” elicit groans at your shelter? Would you rather scoop poop than get trapped in an endless discussion in the conference room? Do too many meeting participants have one eye on the clock and the other on the door? It doesn’t have to be this way. Believe it or not, with a little planning and clear goals, meetings can be useful and (gasp!) even fun.

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  • Rescue Central

    Follow the money

    Rescue groups can’t afford to ignore financial management best practices

    As a rescue group, you’ve got passion and good intentions in abundance, but your financial oversight skills might be in shorter supply. As too many animal welfare organizations have learned, a worthy mission won’t protect you from poor financial management or even embezzlement. The good news is that by implementing sound financial policies and practices, you can keep your organization in the black and your mission going strong.

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  • Shelter Medicine

    Threading the small needle

    While advanced diagnostics such as MRIs have enhanced veterinarians’ ability to provide care and treatment to animals, more pet owners are finding that even basic care services are financially out of reach.

    A veterinarian considers how his profession can make care financially accessible—while maintaining standards and remaining solvent

    Medical advances are enabling veterinarians to help animals in ways that were unimaginable years ago. The downside is that today’s state-of-theart medicine is unaffordable for many pet owners—a stressful situation for all concerned. Dr. Gary Block explores how veterinarians can keep their services affordable for all budgets.

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  • Unforgettable

    Victor’s victories

    After being rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, Victor had to learn how to be a dog again.

    South Korean dog meat farm rescue finds new life in New England

    Rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, Victor adjusts to life in a Maine shelter and—finally!—to a new home

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