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Animal Care Expo 2014 special session: Mythbusters -finding the perfect home

Open the floodgates to more successful adoptions

EXPO: Mythbusters - Finding the Perfect Home

We all celebrate the fact that more adopters equates to more lives saved. What if the key to saving more than ever before was as simple as opening our minds to new potential adopters, embracing those who are open to rescue instead of driving them away, and letting go of unfounded myths that serve as barriers to making successful matches? Watch this fun and dynamic session from Animal Care Expo 2014, where we explore how your organization can open the floodgates to more successful adoptions.

Presenters: Todd Cramer, former Field Program Manager, PetSmart Charities; Betsy McFarland, former Vice President, Companion Animals, The HSUS; Emily Weiss, Vice President, Shelter Research and Development, ASPCA

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