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In the last few years, we have found that we must be constantly rethinking and reworking our web strategies to keep up with the changing technologies and evolving expectations of our audience. To meet these new standards, we have been working diligently to grow and improve our online presence. A recent major overhaul to our website has already shown excellent results in getting our target audiences the content they are seeking – but also engaging them in the content we seek to provide.

  • We now operate a responsive platform, providing an optimized site for all devices and browsers our users access us from.
  • 50.96% of visitors access the site from their smartphone or tablet.
  • In the last 12 months, has received nearly 1 million individual page views.

Access by operating system

windows 36%, iOS 31%, android 19%, macintosh 11%, other 3%

Access by device

desktop 49%, mobile 45%, tablet 6%

Advertising on is the perfect way to align your company with our mission and goals. By reserving your ad today, you will be able to quickly and efficiently build awareness among the sheltering community, making your company visible to this audience every time they go to the website for any reason, ultimately driving them to your own website.

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Rates and Specifications

Rates Ad Sizes (desktop/mobile) 1 Month Rate 6 Month Rate 12 Month Rate Average Monthly Impressions
Homepage/Jobs 180X150/300X50 $1,200 $6,000 $10,800 > 25,000/mo
Mega-Menu 180X150 $1,200 $4,000 $7,200 *
Blog Sponsor 180X150/300X50 $1,500 $3,000 $6,000 > 25,000/mo

*Preliminary impressions coming soon


Specification and Blog
Format png, gif, jpg, jpeg
File Size Less than 40 KB
Animation None
Resolution 72 dpi
Space Reservation Due 2 weeks prior to publication
Artwork Due 1 weeks prior to publication

Ad Placement

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