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All about catios

Enclosed cat patios can be part of the solution for communities struggling with cat issues. Learn more about catios and how you can use them to benefit your community.

Many communities struggle with cat issues – implementing effective TNR, preventing abandonment, keeping cats and families together and mitigating conflicts that arise between outdoor cats and less cat-tolerant neighbors. Did you know catios can help us address these challenges? Enclosed cat patios are increasing in popularity and home and garden style catio tours have launched in several cities to further encourage and inspire residents to build their own catios. Catios can help keep cats safe at home, address behavior problems and protect wildlife. They can also bridge the divide between cat and wildlife people and be a seed for a larger collaborative discussion about effective, long-term solutions to outdoor cat populations.

Learn more about catios and how you can use them to benefit your community.

  • What’s the deal with catios? This blog reviews exactly what IS a catio, and what makes them so cool.
  • The Cat’s Meow, Catios help kitties thrive in multi-cat households. Get all the basics on how to build your own catio in this Animal Sheltering magazine article.
  • Sharing Spaces, A collaboration between cat and bird advocates demos spaces that keep both species safe. An article from Animal Sheltering magazine on the Portland Audubon Society & Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon’s annual catio tour.
  • Curious about catios?,  Hear from the experts responsible for launching the catio movement! Humane Society Academy webinar.
  • Some communities even have catio tours. Get inspired by Portland, Oregon, which launched the first catio tour in 2012. Check out the Seattle, Washington catio tour too!