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Animal Care Expo 2017 special session: Come on down ... the policy is right!

Think legislation and other types of public policy aren't relevant to your lifesaving mission? Think again! Watch Animal Care Expo 2017's special session.

Come on down … The policy is right! – Special Session, Animal Care Expo 2017

When elected officials take on issues like breed-specific legislation, hold times for cats, adoption regulation and access to veterinary care, your work may be directly affected, and not necessarily for the better. In the special session from Animal Care Expo 2017, our presenters take the mystery out of public policy work and help you discover how to start shaping laws and ordinances that actually work for you, rather than just allowing them to happen to you. 

Presenters: Heather Cammisa-Davenport, CAWA, President and CEO, St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center; Mike Keiley, Director, Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center MSPCA at Nevins Farm; Jill Kline, Vice President of Community Impact Programs, Wisconsin Humane Society; Katie Lisnik, Director of Cat Protection and Policy, The Humane Society of the United States

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