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Pets for Life

The Pets for Life (PFL) program reaches out to underserved communities to offer free pet care resources, services and information. PFL incorporates strategic door-to-door outreach, builds a consistent community presence and uses an extensive follow-up process to build relationships and trust within a segment of the pet-owning population that has largely gone untouched by animal service providers. PFL employs a three-pronged methodology to address the systemic challenges people and pets living in poverty face: 

  • Direct Care - Delivers pet services and information 
  • Mentorship and Training - Guides and supports local organizations in implementing community outreach programs 
  • Policy and Enforcement Reform - Influences organizations to be focused more on pet owner support and less on punishment

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  • Blog Post

    Bad neighborhoods

    How well do you really know your local "scary place" and the people who live there?

    Carrie Allan, senior editorial director for The HSUS, examines the reality and the mythology surrounding “Scary Neighborhoods” in this country and the responsibility of animal welfare groups.

    Pet lovers, heads up: In my years reporting about animal welfare in the U.S., it’s come to my attention that there are some very scary places pocketed away inside our country.

    You know the places I’m talking about. You probably have one nearby. You grew up hearing about it, from your parents, the news, the movies: the East Side, the South Side, north of Broad, Vermont Avenue, Sunnyside, Bed Stuy, Boyle Heights, Liberty City, East St. Louis, West Baltimore, Camden, East Oakland, the Cass Corridor.

    Where’s your nearest “scary place”? How often have you been there?

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  • Store Product

    Pets for Life Community Outreach Toolkit

    The Pets for Life Community Outreach Toolkit (Second Edition) is an interactive manual created by The HSUS's Pets for Life program and supported by PetSmart Charities. The first of its kind, it is designed to guide organizations through the process of developing and implementing a community outreach program tailored to connect animal welfare resources, services, and information to people and pets in under-served communities. This complete toolkit is also available for free download online.

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  • Blog Post

    Moving past assumptions to better understand and support pet owners

    Photo by Lee Schilling

    Amanda Arrington, HSUS Pets for Life director, urges the importance of inclusion and access for all pet owners

    Have you ever had a moment when someone you cared about was hurt or upset, and you felt like there was nothing you could do about it? Remember the sense of helplessness you had?
    I do. That sense of watching a loved one suffer and being unable to improve the situation is a horrible feeling. Most of us have experienced it—and unfortunately, people who live in poverty experience it frequently.

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