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Animal Sheltering's Shelter and Rescue Essentials has the latest articles from Animal Sheltering magazine, publications, policies, assessment tools, guidelines, connections and other resources to support the lifesaving work of shelter and rescue professionals.

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Help your rescue group make the greatest impact for pets and people. Discover advice and guidance on every aspect of rescue work, from incorporating your organization to setting the highest standards of care for every animal you help.

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  • Magazine Article

    Tipping point

    Twelve-year-old Libby Lafary won first place in a design contest that raised awareness about community cats and TNR.

    Children's T-shirt design contest rallies the next generation of community cat advocates

    Kids use their artistic talents to raise awareness of TNR.

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  • Magazine Article

    A special kind of service

    Maggie May was adopted from Blue Mountain Humane Society.

    Nonprofit helps match veterans with shelter animals

    Pets for Patriots matches veterans with overlooked shelter pets.

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  • Magazine Article

    Hope in the heartland

    In 2015, local law enforcement and the HSUS rescued more than 50 Great Pyrenees from an Arkansas puppy mill.

    Ohio law could trigger more reforms in the puppy mill industry

    The puppy mill industry makes millions of dollars while forcing parent dogs to live in deplorable conditions, often producing puppies with serious health issues and deceiving customers about the pups’ origins. But advocates are fighting back, and a new law in Ohio could lead to additional reforms in the industry.

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