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Animal control and field services

Animal control officers and humane investigators have a shared mission of helping animals and bringing abusers to justice, which takes flexibility, compassion and courage. Learn best practices, new tools and techniques, and how animal care and control leaders can promote our work through positive interactions and collaboration with their communities. 

  • Making the case against animal cruelty

    The evidence couldn’t have been clearer, because the perpetrator videotaped his crimes on his phone. In one video, the man wraps his girlfriend’s cat in duct tape and taunts the animal. The other recording, dated three weeks later, shows the same man beating his girlfriend so badly she would end up in the hospital. (Fortunately, the cat and the woman survived.)

    Both videos were disturbing, says Chris Brosan, former manager of strategic campaigns and special projects at The HSUS. But only one of the crimes—the assault on the girlfriend—would appear in national crime statistics.

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  • Blog Post

    One-stop shopping for wildlife questions

    This is the third in a series of three blogs showcasing how our Wild Neighbors partners have implemented one of the criteria of our Wild Neighbors pledge.

    It may seem like a simple question, but the issue of who is responsible for the wildlife in the City of Austin, Texas, can be confusing. Are these creatures the responsibility of the parks department or a combination of the departments with land management responsibilities? What happens when wild animals don’t stay in our parks and greenspaces? Should someone call a community nonprofit? The police department? A state agency?

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  • Training/Event

    Working with Wildlife Control Services to Provide More Humane and Effective Solutions

    The Humane Sociery of the United States

    Does your agency or shelter refer calls from the public to wildlife control companies for assistance?  While good phone advising and wildlife policies can effectively resolve the majority of the public’s conflicts with wildlife, there are instances (such as wildlife intrusions into a structure, wildlife with young using a void space, or issues involving bat colonies) where constituents may need the assistance of a wildlife control service.

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  • Magazine Article

    You can save a life

    Download this Shareworthy to urge action on behalf of dogs who need protection from the cold

    Download this Shareworthy to urge action on behalf of dogs who need protection from the cold.

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