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Customer service

Learn the critical importance of the human-to-human element and what it means to offer friendly, responsive customer service.

  • Can you hear me meow?

    So you started a small rescue, and people love your work! Your phone is ringing nonstop, you might have accidentally deleted a few voicemails, and your unread email count seems to multiply by the minute. Are you handling those calls and emails appropriately, or are you focusing on the animals ... and alienating the people who want to help save those animals? Here's how phone and email management techniques can take your rescue's customer service from zero to hero.

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  • Magazine Article

    Get (customer) smart

    Guide teaches shelter staff to interact effectively with people

    “The customer is always right.”

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  • Blog Post

    When a bad story gets in the way of the facts

    Beware of confirmation bias when trying to figure out “the truth”

    More than a decade ago, at an animal shelter in southern Virginia, I witnessed a well-to-do woman surrendering her pet because, she said, he didn’t match her new décor.

    The moment ate at me, and continues to every now and then—but for different reasons than it did at the time.

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  • Training/Event

    Customer Service in Animal Facilities: Tips for Dealing with Clients

    The Humane Society of the United States

    Recognizing that dealing with people in animal facilities can be emotionally difficult, this archived webinar will help participants understand the basic needs of customers, and what interactions are likely to create tension or anger in an encounter.

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