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HSUS resources and programs

The HSUS offers many services to shelters and rescue groups, including operational assistance, training, and legislative resources. We also host the largest international conference and trade show in the animal care field, providing education and training in topics essential to animal care and control professionals, emergency responders, feral/community cat caretakers, and rescue volunteers.

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  • HSUS Program

    Humane State Ohio

    For Ohio updates, visit our HSUS Ohio State page and the HSUS Ohio Facebook page.

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  • HSUS Program

    Humane Oklahoma

    Upcoming Trainings

    Humane Oklahoma law enforcement trainings

    Join us for one of three upcoming free trainings for law enforcement, animal control officers and humane investigators. Lunch and coffee will be provided and valuable prizes will be raffled. Earn continuing education credits!

    Choose from one of three locations. All trainings are from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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  • HSUS Program

    Humane Kansas


    Kansas has a high volume of puppy mills, fragmented animal welfare resources and struggles with enforcement of current laws. This is a state that would benefit from increased collaboration between local animal welfare organizations and law enforcement.

    The HSUS is making a three-year investment in Kansas to expand the capacity of animal welfare officers to respond to animal cruelty, drive up enforcement of state laws, and provide shelters with services and training to expand their reach and decrease euthanasia.

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