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Human resources

The animals in your community depend on you, so it’s critical for your organization to have a high performing team. Discover how you can attract and retain awesome staff and volunteers who work as a cohesive team, and make you more effective at helping animals.

  • The pursuit of employee happiness

    Large tech companies have nap pods and big-name concerts for their employees. Other workplaces have generous bonuses and unlimited time off. Shelters have … what? Thankfully, lavish perks aren’t the only way to keep your staff smiling, which should be a priority, since they are one of your most important resources. Learn how you can make your employees feel valued and motivated within the confines of a small budget, and everyone at your shelter—four- and two-legged—will be better off for it.

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  • Blog Post

    Sharing your animal welfare expertise after retirement

    Goodbye to full-time work doesn’t mean you’re finished contributing

    Retirees from the animal welfare field have a lot to offer and shouldn’t quietly fade away—that would be such a loss to our cause!

    After 45 years of employment in animal welfare, the time finally came for me to retire from active duty. I spent the last 32 years as the executive director of the Humane Society of Carroll County, Maryland, handling animal care and control for our county. I was fortunate to have lasted that long, given the emotional toll this work takes on the heart, family and occasionally, friendships.

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  • Magazine Article

    Can you hear me meow?

    Trade the silent treatment for rapid response

    So you started a small rescue, and people love your work! Your phone is ringing nonstop, you might have accidentally deleted a few voicemails, and your unread email count seems to multiply by the minute. Are you handling those calls and emails appropriately, or are you focusing on the animals ... and alienating the people who want to help save those animals? Here's how phone and email management techniques can take your rescue's customer service from zero to hero.

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    Investing in animal advocates of the future

    At the local level, humane education is thriving, despite challenges that include limited resources, the requirements of core curriculum mandates, the demands of program evaluation, the need for teacher training and the politicization of the classroom.

    Anyone can become a humane educator or public speaker with a bit of training and guidance

    One of the greatest authenticated anecdotes about the greatest of American presidents concerns his speech advocating kindness to animals, given in a classroom along the frontier in the early 1820s. There is no exact record of his remarks, but one witness recalled that “Abe preached against cruelty to animals, contending that an ant’s life was to it, as sweet as ours to us.”

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