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Lost and found pets

Is your organization playing an active role in reuniting pets with their families? Read about programs that provide search tips and guidance to owners who may have given up because they don't know how to effectively search for their lost pets. Boost your reclaim rate by changing the assumption that skinny or unkempt animals are stray, not lost. Our resources can help you tear down the barriers to sucessful reunions.

Dog lost in woods

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  • Magazine Article

    Reunited ... and it feels so good

    To boost live releases, reconsider your approach to those ‘stray’ cats

    When people in the sheltering and rescue field think about the millions of cats who are euthanized every year for lack of a home, the topic of reuniting lost pet cats with their owners may seem trivial by comparison.

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  • Magazine Article

    Finding Felix

    <em>Animal Sheltering</em> magazine July/August 2015

    Download this Mouthpiece to provide people with smart tips for locating their lost cats

    People often panic when their cat is missing, but staying calm and follwing simple steps can help bring those cats home. Download this Mouthpiece to give your community the information it needs to help find lost cats.

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  • Magazine Article

    Remembering Katrina

    After boarding a plane in Vermont, Boo-Boo Kitty had a joyful reunion with Letha Alongi in Louisiana.

    It’s been nearly 10 years since the storm hit, but for those on the front lines of rescue efforts, Hurricane Katrina is simply unforgettable.

    For many, it was a life-defining experience—one that brought lasting friendships and new perspectives, inspired career changes and renewed people’s commitment to helping animals. Here, rescuers reflect on the devastating losses, the miraculous saves and the lessons learned in the aftermath of a storm that changed us all.

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