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Rabbits and small animals

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    The dark side of the coop

    For shelters and rescues taking in chickens, the quest for backyard eggs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

    "We have three chickens,” reads the email, one of many that routinely land in Mary Britton Clouse’s inbox. “Somehow they all got frostbitten when they were a couple months old. One is missing every claw, one is missing feet, and [one] is missing feet and shanks. We were wondering if you guys could take them in.”

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    Saving bunny lives in South Jersey

    Cara Forline (left) and Alyssa McCloskey play with two adoptable rabbits at a meet and greet sponsored by For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue. The group holds monthly meet and greets to showcase adoptable bunnies and provide information about rabbit ownership.

    Rabbit rescue relies on caring volunteers

    When our Dutch-mix bunny, Bridget, died in 2014 from several medical conditions, my husband, Steve, took her death hard. He told me, “Don’t bring another rabbit home.”

    “OK,” I responded, but less than three months later, I brought home Benny and Nibbles, a bonded Netherland dwarf pair.

    Steve agreed that the brothers could stay with us until For Bunny Sake, the rabbit rescue that we volunteer with in southern New Jersey, could find them a permanent home.

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