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Discover new ways to sharpen your skills or explore new areas of animal welfare in Animal Sheltering's Trainings calendar. Check out featured events, search upcoming trainings or simply scan the archives for webinars. All calendar listings are trainings specifically designed for shelter and rescue professionals and volunteers.

  • The ASV Guidelines in Real Life PART 5: staff training saves lives

    Proper staff training in the shelter is a necessity for both newcomers and seasoned workers in order to ensure humane animal care as well as public and staff safety—but how do you provide the needed resources for your staff?

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  • Submit a new event/training

    Do you have an event or training relevant to staff and volunteers in the field? We publish events and trainings free of charge for humane organizations and animal care and control agencies. Submit your training or event today.

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  • HSUS Program

    Humane Kansas


    Kansas has a high volume of puppy mills, fragmented animal welfare resources and struggles with enforcement of current laws. This is a state that would benefit from increased collaboration between local animal welfare organizations and law enforcement.

    The HSUS is making a three-year investment in Kansas to expand the capacity of animal welfare officers to respond to animal cruelty, drive up enforcement of state laws, and provide shelters with services and training to expand their reach and decrease euthanasia.

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  • HSUS Program

    The Humane State Program is coming to Wisconsin!

    Coming Spring 2019, the Humane State Program will be bringing free training for animal shelters, rescue groups, law enforcement, animal control officers and others to cities around Wisconsin. Watch this space for updates, or sign up below to have them delivered straight to your inbox!

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  • Training/Event

    Ohio Rethinking the Cat Symposium

    stray cat standing near shelter

    Humane State brings cat symposium to Ohio

    The Humane State Program is pleased to present Rethinking the Cat, our renowned symposia on cat policy, advocacy and care. Shelters, rescues, ACOs, TNR/colony caretakers and advocates will have the opportunity to learn, network and share as they join their colleagues for a day that’s all about cats!

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