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Big Impact: Designing Programs, Services, and Messages for Social Change

Emancipet New School

Event Description

Sheltering, rescue, and low-cost veterinary organizations make a difference in the lives of animals every day. In the last few years, our focus has begun to expand from homeless or at-risk companion animals to be more inclusive of all the pets in our communities. We are pioneering programs, services, and messages for new populations, especially lower-income and underserved pet owners. We have the opportunity to create real and lasting social change — to completely transform our communities’ attitudes and behavior patterns when it comes to pet care and critical issues like spay/neuter. In order to be effective in this work, we need to deepen our understanding of the art and science of social change by learning from other successful social change movements and social innovation strategies. This seminar is for senior level executives and leaders who want a creative space to design new programs, services, or messages to help drive social change in their own community. The seminar is taught by Emancipet New School VP, Myles Chadwick. Big Impact is geared towards executive directors, CEOS, COOs, and senior managers. Registration is $500 per person which includes all materials, breakfast and lunch on both days. If you have questions, or would like registration information, email today!

Event Location: Austin

Event Date: August 20, 2018 (All day) to August 21, 2018 (All day)

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