Images are often the most convincing tools an organization can use to send a message and communicate a story.  Digital Storytelling is a short, first-person video narrative created by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, music and/or other sounds. Digital storytelling is an effective way to communicate with your audience to build brand awareness and to implement a call to action.

In this webinar, you will learn how to graphically promote your organization’s projects and mission using affordable tools. A 3-5 minute digital story can be used as a promotional tool or a component to a grant report; it can be uploaded to social media sites and further brand your agency’s or project’s image.

You will view examples of successful digital stories and learn the basics of creating them and working with a production team to get the results you want.

This free, 90-minute webinar will provide useful information and skill-building for those involved in communicating with the public about their animal welfare programs

As President & CEO of the Arts In Action Consulting Firm, Grace-Anne Alfiero works with academic institutions, non-profit agencies, cities and civic groups to manage projects involving training, program development, grant writing, digital storytelling, public awareness and employment initiatives. Grace-Anne is an award-winning photographer, videographer, graphic designer and artist. She has penned more than 400 grant applications and has earned more than $6.5 million in grant for clients throughout the country.