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Great Culture, Great Results: Building & Sustaining Healthy Organizations from the Inside Out

Emancipet New School

Event Description

Peter Drucker is famously thought to have said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Whether he said it or not, we couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. Time and again we’ve witnessed and experienced the reality of the internal culture of an organization impacting its capacity to deliver on strategy and mission. It’s no wonder that unhealthy culture leads to disengaged staff, higher turnover, and unhappy clients – all of which make it difficult for an organization to stay focused on goals and program priorities. On the other hand, healthy culture fuels the fire of mission and makes the seemingly impossible become believably possible (and more fun). This two-day seminar engages participants in the exploration of specific tools and systems that can be put to use right away in order to assess and increase employee engagement, successfully hire for culture fit and values alignment, manage for a healthy workplace culture, and even help people that are in the wrong position move on from the organization compassionately.

Typical attendees are Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs, and senior managers of any animal welfare organization with an interest in building and sustaining a healthy culture.

For more information or to register, please go to: Note: Early Bird Pricing ($100 discount) is available through 12/31/2018.

Event Location: Austin

Event Date: March 25, 2019 (All day) to March 26, 2019 (All day)

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