Are you a veterinarian in private practice looking to assist your local shelter or rescue organization? 

Are you a shelter, rescue organization or TNR program seeking to build a relationship with local veterinarians?

This free webinar from ASPCApro will introduce you to three spay/neuter programs that are hosted by private veterinary hospitals. Learn how each program functions and find out what makes each collaboration successful for all parties – especially the animals in their community.

Get ideas for partnerships that deliver spay/neuter services, host rabies vaccination clinics, and provide other programs for targeted animal populations. 

This free, 60-minute webinar is geared towards veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary practice staff, and leadership of animal welfare organizations including spay/neuter programs. 


  • Ruth Steinberger | Spay First (Oklahoma)
  • Ronnie Schenkein, DVM | Coudersport Animal Health Center (Pennsylvania)
  • Meredith Ferguson | Humane Society of Charlotte (North Carolina)