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Resolving Wildlife Conflicts Humanely and Effectively:

The Humane Society of the United States

Event Description

This archived webinar will focus on ways to handle common “nuisance” wildlife conflicts over the phone and in the field– with the first vital step being on a proper diagnosis of the problem, and if it’s a true problem (needing resolution) or a fear-based problem (needing public understanding). Most nuisance conflicts occur in Spring and summer, exactly when mother animals are trying to raise young in and around people’s homes. We will cover: 1) Understanding urban wildlife behavior (and effectively translating it to the public) , 2) Model “non-trap” eviction and exclusion strategies, which prioritize that orphans are not left behind. 2) Why trapping is counter-productive and why trap-loan programs should be discouraged, 3) How to turn the public’s intolerance for backyard wildlife into a willingness to co-exist, and 4) a variety of solutions using household items and a strategic understanding of wildlife behavior. Interactive exercises and “mystery scenarios” will help participants learn various strategies and discern what types of responses best suit certain “nuisance” situations.

Event Location: Archived Webinar

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