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  • All Dogs Are Equal

    looking beyond breed-based laws

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  • How Do You Stack Up?

    rescue group best practices guide

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  • Nurture the Bond

    keep pets & their people together

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  • No Strings Attached

    lance bass shares shelter pet love

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  • vets

    Ensure Access to Vet Care

    Is there a place for both nonprofit and for-profit veterinary services, ensuring every pet has access to care, regardless of circumstances? Read the Guiding Principles to Ensure Access to Veterinary Care.

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  • Human Animal Therapy Session

    The Human Animal

    What could we achieve if we put the "human" back in "humane"? This liberating session from Expo 2015 explores philosophies and tactics that bridge the gap between caring for both people and animals.

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Featured Programs

Eliminating barriers to pet care, increasing adoption rates from shelters and rescues, and establishing quality standards in shelters and rescues are top priorities for The HSUS. Learn more about our programs:

Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is an unprecedented media campaign aimed to promote adoption and combat stereotypes about shelter animals. It is collaborative effort by The HSUS, Maddie's Fund, and the Ad Council, in partnership with the entire animal welfare movement.

Pets for Life

Pets for Life is designed to extend the reach of animal services, resources, and information to under-served areas. Addressing the critical need for accessible, affordable pet care, our program helps animals by empowering the people who care for them.

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