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Bimonthly, full-color, and broad-reaching in content, Animal Sheltering is for everyone who cares about the animals in their community—from humane society directors and city animal control managers to kennel staff, volunteers, and private individuals working as activists, breed rescuers, wildlife rehabbers, veterinarians, and more.

Subscribers receive:

  • Lively coverage of the latest local, national, and global news about animals
  • Analysis of trends and developments in the field of animal sheltering
  • Inspiration and advice from leaders in the field—animal lovers just like you!
  • The latest training and networking opportunities from around the country

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Back issues published since July-August 2003 are available in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader). Some issues have been posted in multiple parts to improve download speed. Back issues are available in html format for all issues prior to July-August 2003.

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